SRM 2015


Following up from last year's spectacular tournament,Underground Gold Miami did it again with yet, another jam-packed, sensational event; the 2nd annual Summer Rim 2015. On Sunday, July 19th, exactly one year later from the previous Summer Rim, Underground Gold Miami brought the city out to say the least. The crowd came out to watch top clothing brands, musicians and artists' compete against each other for the positive cause of giving back. This year, Underground Gold Miami gave proceeds to the Overtown Youth Center. Not only that, but UGMIAMI gave trunk loads of school supplies to the charity as well. As the audience arrived to the doorsteps of Summer Rim 2015, each had bulks of school supplies to give back to our wonderful community, which made the event even more special. Giving back is one wayUnderground Gold Miami firmly believes can bring people together in a positive way, while having tons of fun.

This year's tournament was intense. The competition and anticipation level was through the roof and easily topped last year's. Announced by Empress Raw of Universe MiamiSummer Rim Miami 2015 was event of the year in South Florida. Red Bull's Wiiings Team of Miami came out to fuel up the energetic audience who built the hype for each team's performance. Competing in the first round were Tribe MIA and UGLY Boys, two clothing brands. No one was expecting this game to be as extreme as it was, but in the end, Tribe MIA yanked UGLY Boys out the first round as the under dogs. Second round competing was NMB 4Ever and N.A.M. "WOAH"! was the look of the everyone's expressions after the second round. Felt like a classic playoff game that made Zoey Dollaz team NMB 4Ever end up on top. Third round was Dark$ide and 2KLIFE. After a hard loss, 2KLIFE came out on top as they were the under dogs of that round. Jim Jones was there as the anchor support of Dark$side but, that wasn't enough for the heat 2KLIFE had rolled up their sleeves. Fourth round was the most anticipated game of the night. The two teams who went head for head from last year's tournament; GoodLuck and former champions, Team OVISION. After a hard battle, Team OVISION once again proved to Bizzy Crook's team GoodLuck they were just a better squad and came out on top knocking GoodLuck out the tournament sadly. But, that win wasn't enough for OVISION as well because in the finals were two of the top under dogs of the tournament. NMB 4EVER vs 2KLIFE. Game times increased and the amount of people that could possibly fit in the gym reached it's pinnacle. It was game-on! Watching these two teams play was like watching the NBA Finals. YES! That's how much excitement and energy was under one roof. But, easily, NMB 4EVER took the win under 2KLIFE's nose, defeating them to a 30-43 WIN! NMB 4EVER were announced as the new championship title holders of the 2nd Annual Summer Rim 2015!