If you landed on this page you've probably been to one of our events and are only trying to get in our upcoming events free and that's fine! LOL. Actually, we want you in free of charge! We want you to continue to support Underground Gold Miami and tell your crew about the fun and excitement you'll be experiencing. What if that was even easier to do? I mean literally, you won't have to lift a finger. 

By being a UG Gold Miner, you're apart of our Social Media team - the purpose of this group is to get the word out there to as many followers as quickly as possible through tweets and Instagram posts. Sounds boring and tedious, we know. That's why we want you to leave that to us. 

All we would need from you is your Twitter and/or Instagram account log-in and password - I know we just met and things are moving pretty fast between us, but we want you to know that our Digital Mangers respect all accounts and they do not go into private messages and/or post things that are not related to Underground Gold Miami events! It'll be just as if you were posting but we have an outlet that let's us post on all Gold Miners accounts in an instance! If you don't want us to have your password, you can still submit below and be a Gold Miner, you'd just post yourself!

Gold Miners get in all events FREE, receives exclusive UG merchandise, backstage access to events (when available) & more!